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Iowans come together to take care of each other and the communities we love—especially during a crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re finding creative ways to build resiliency and community, because we know that our personal health and safety is deeply connected to the health and safety of our neighbors.

In Siouxland, where I live, we’ve worked hard to address a major COVID-19 outbreak. But, like many Iowans, we still face an uphill battle to stay safe. A handful of corporate CEOs, as well as extremist legislators like Gov. Kim Reynolds, are using this pandemic to put corporate profits ahead of our health and safety.

This should be a time when Iowans come together to build community-oriented solutions to the crisis, but Reynolds continues to reject accountability and transparency. This is dangerous. Iowans can only pull through when we pull together, supporting the needs of our loved ones and our neighbors.

Author: Tom Mohan