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Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment

The Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment (CFFE) is a coalition fighting to stop factory farms. We call out the use of public dollars and public policy to support factory farms and the multinational meatpacking giants they serve, and build public support for reforms to level the playing field for family farm livestock producers.

We work together to support family farmers, rural communities, and a vibrant, sustainable food system. Through this work, we oppose the national, state, and local policies propping up corporate factory farms that are putting independent livestock producers out of business, extracting wealth from our rural communities, and polluting our land, water, and air. And we advocate for policy changes that will shift resources to family farm-based regional food systems instead of corporate-controlled industrialized operations.

CFFE has organized to limit the use of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funding and USDA guaranteed loans for factory farms, oppose trade deals designed to benefit multinational meat companies and take on state policies that prop up the factory farm system in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota. We also advocate for long-overdue antitrust enforcement and updated rules for livestock markets to level the playing field for independent producers.

Together we Stand Strong